AMASIA Creative Consulting Group is a blockchain-integrated, collaborative, "decentralized" agency that has three arms:

  • Creative Content

  • PR, Marketing & Media Management

  • Technology

We leverage the talents of award-winning artists, videographers, graphic designers, UX/UI designers, web designers, polygotal programmers, writers, musicians, animators, strategists, and photographers to relate the transformational aspects of Blockchain Technology on emotional and empathetic levels to people outside the blockchain/crypto community.

Being flexible and adaptable, we own many identities; we are information technology consultants, human resource consultants, PR & media management consultants as well as entrepreneurs, event planners, and award-winning poets.

We act as a matchmaking agency, creating a custom engagement and pairing The Client with the Creative Partners from our AMASIA Creative Partner Ecosystem to build an award-winning team tailored to fit The Client’s needs, whether those needs be innovative Creative Content anchored in the guiding principles of "Empathy," "Compassion," and "Understanding," or arranging project managers and event planners to work on the ground, or PR and Media Management Consultancy geared toward placements in both the traditional and non-traditional PR space.