About Us



Amasia Creative Consulting Group is a blockchain-integrated agency with three divisions: PR and Media Management, Creative Content, and Full-suite Technology Development. Our Partners have, combined, over 40 years of consulting experience with businesses such as IBM, Microsoft, Dunkin’ Donuts, and The Government of Nicaragua. We act as matchmakers, pairing a Client with Creative Partners from the Amasia Creative Partner Ecosystem to satisfy a Client’s needs. Whether those needs be as simple as a writing a business plan, or something as complex and multifaceted as a software platform buildout. At Amasia Creative Consulting Group, we focus on the in-house developed practice of Empathetic Business Listening to access a Client’s (business or individual) true needs, and empower a client to realize their full Material, Emotional, and Spiritual Potential. 

Mission Statement

Amasia Creative Consulting Group's mission is two-fold: 

The first part of our mission is to empower Creative Partners in Our Amasia Creative Partner Ecosystem to realize their full material, emotional, and spiritual potential by ensuring that: 1) They are paid what they are worth; 2) They are matched with projects that challenge them intellectually and creatively; 3) They are nurtured in a working environment that allows them to mature as professionals and as humans. We do not take a percentage from creatives. We do not do non-compete agreements. Our system is about valuing people for being people first.  

The second part of our mission is to access the true needs of a business or individual by practicing Empathetic Business Listening. Through this practice, our Creative Consultants can satisfy the true needs of aforementioned business or individual nurturing the organic actualization of their brands.

Our Story

Amasia Creative Consulting Group was founded in April after an incident where the Founder, Noah Klein, and a freelancer he worked with, were shafted for ten thousand dollars for work done in the Blockchain space. The freelancer had just had his first child the week before. Noah felt responsible as there was no recourse. Noah vowed to work on behalf of Creatives, combining his passion as a writer and his acumen as a business person, to ensure work would be done with clients who were honest, paid the right price for the highest caliber work, and had projects that would engage and challenge the highly talented and driven Creative Partners in Amasia's Ecosystem. 

The name, Amasia, came to him in a dream. The name fit as Amasia is one of three possible supercontinents that could form 100,000,000 years in the future. At Amasia Creative Consulting Group, we are seeking to build a company that represents the future that we want to see reflected, one that is young, diverse, multi-cultural, women-led, and conscious that humans are humans first.