Our Mission

  1. To access the True Needs of a Client through the process of Empathetic Business Listening and provide top-quality Communications Strategy, Operations Management, and Creative Content services to any Client, small or large, in the fields of Emerging Technology, Renewable energy, Construction, and Food and Beverage Franchising.

  2. To provide high-quality work and networking opportunities to Creative Partners (freelancers) in our network, and get them fairly compensated for their work.

About Us

Amasia Creative Consulting Group is a boutique creative consulting agency focusing on high-quality work with offerings that include efficient and effective operations management, innovative communications strategy, and emotionally/empathetically-driven audio/video/written storytelling in the fields of Emerging Technology, Renewable Energy, Construction, and Food and Beverage Franchising. Our Managing Principals and Creative Partners in our Amasia Creative Partner Ecosystem have consulting experience with businesses such as Dunkin’ Donuts, County Recycling, LLC., Beartree Security, Inc., Johnnie Walker, Blue Diamond Construction Management LLC., Moulin Rouge Hotel & Casino, and The Government of Nicaragua.

At Amasia Creative Consulting Group, we focus on the in-house developed practice of Empathetic Business Listening to access a Client’s (business or individual) true needs, and empower a client to realize their full Material, Emotional, and Spiritual Potential.